I am a physicist and an artist whose work explores the use of metaphor as means of understanding the relations among physical, intellectual, and emotional spaces.

My research focuses on the intersection of the first two in the context of the general theory of relativity; it addresses the foundational questions about the physical interpretation of the mathematical formulations of gauge theories of gravity.  More specifically, I am developing a framework for gauge theories of gravity in terms of conformal and projective structures.

More details about my work can be found in my CV.  In this Story Collider podcast I share why general relativity is important to me.

My art projects investigate the intersections of these spaces more freely and in a variety of contexts. Projects of note are Projections, visual representations of academic talks;  Restruktura, an exercise in restructuring of the inner landscape; and Of Platonic Love (and Other Afflictions of the Heart), an attempt to construct a visual vocabulary for various forms of human attachments.

I have extensive teaching experience at the college level and have designed a number of math and physics courses for both physics majors and non-science students.

My work is made possible by Hampshire College, where I hold the position of a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics.

Boston University, Ph.D. in Physics, 2012
Northeastern University, B.S. in Physics and Philosophy, 2004

Hampshire College
Box NS
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002-3359