Boston University, Ph.D. in Physics, 2012
Northeastern University, B.S. in Physics and Philosophy, 2004

Hampshire College
Box NS
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002-3359

I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Hampshire College.  My research focuses on the foundations of general relativity. I am particularly interested in the physical interpretation of its mathematical formulation, which is necessary for understanding how the theory can be modified, whether as a classical or a quantum theory.  For my PhD thesis, I studied conformal and projective structures, which led me to develop the framework of Unimodular Conformal and Projective Relativity, an alternative framework for relativistic theories. Currently, I am working on applying this formalism to concrete physical systems. While strictly speaking I do physics, my work is influenced by philosophy and history of general relativity.

In this The Story Collider podcast I describe how I found relativity and why it is important to me:

I have extensive experience teaching college-level introductory physics courses to both science and non-science students, and have taught physics at Wellesley College and first-year writing seminars at Boston University. I am particularly interested in project-based learning and have supervised a number cross-disciplinary independent studies and student projects.