New-ProfileVisiting Assistant Professor of Physics
Hampshire College

Boston University, Ph.D in Physics, 2012
Northeastern University, B.S. in Physics and Philosophy, 2004

Hampshire College Box NS
893 West Street
Amherst, MA 01002-3359


Originally from the former Yugoslavia, I live and work in Western Massachusetts.  A theoretical physicist by training, I walk the Möbius strip of science and art.  Currently, I am a Visiting Assistant Professor of Physics at Hampshire College and an artist member at Gallery 263.

My research focuses on the foundations of general relativity. I am particularly interested in the physical interpretation of its mathematical formulation, which is necessary for understanding how the theory can be modified, whether as a classical or a quantum theory.  For my PhD thesis, I studied conformal and projective structures, which led me to develop the framework of Unimodular Conformal and Projective Relativity  an alternative framework for relativistic theories. Currently, I am working on applying this formalism to concrete physical systems. While strictly speaking I do physics, my work is influenced by philosophy and history of general relativity.

In this The Story Collider podcast I describe how I found relativity it why it is important to me:

I have extensive experience teaching college-level introductory physics courses to both science and non-science students, and have taught physics at Wellesley College and first-year writing seminars at Boston University. I am particularly interested in project-based learning and have supervised a number cross-disciplinary independent studies and student projects.