Discovering Group Theory, Day 1


  • What is symmetry?
  • How do we quantify it?
  • Symmetries of polygons.

On Day 1, we looked at examples of polygons and tried to rank them based on their symmetry. First we had to come up with a sensible criteria for something to be symmetric, which we agreed had to do with the number and kind of operations which leave the polygons looking the same. Then as a class we used those criteria to rank the polygons based on the number of such possible transformations, which we found to be rotations and flips.

Materials: Construction paper and some magnets.

Physics of Color @Hampshire, Day 1:

Topic: Subjective experience of color, interaction of color, and afterimages.

Students experimenting with sheets of paper of various colors.
Experimenting with interaction of color.

Today we looked at Josef Alber’s color plates, experimented with afterimages, talked about the dress, and created our own interaction of color compositions.

PDF’s of select slides are available here.

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