Color Physics @Hampshire, Day 4

Day 4 consisted of wrapping up the discussion of HSB, introducing the RGB model, and setting the groundwork for the upcoming discussion of physics.

  • Review of of Hue, Saturation, and Brightness 
    • HSB cylinder
  • Additive color mixing: We organized our observations of mixing of colored light from the previous class and introduced the RGB color model.
    • Primary colors in additive mixing
    • Complementary colors in the additive system
    • RBG color model
    • RGB cube
  • Measurement in physics:
    • What is science?
    • Units and unit conversions
    • Scientific notation and orders of magnitude. We watched Powers of Ten to get a better sense of what different powers of ten mean in terms of different scales, so that we can assess our answers to numerical problems.
A scene from Powers of Ten™
Powers of Ten™

Other Resources: A student pointed me to an interactive catalog of objects of a vast range of sizes, organized by powers of ten