Alyssa Ney, "A Primer on Emergence"Projections (ongoing) is a series of paintings aiming to give visual representation to academic talks, mostly on the topics of physics and philosophy of physics. In a way, each Projection is a field report of my experience of a talk, which itself is a multidimensional beast existing in a space that exceeds the four-dimensional confines of a conference room.

"Restruktura 4" Ink on Paper 4.5"x6" 2017Restruktura (2017-2018) was an exercise in restructuring of the inner landscape.




"Nous" Oil on Wood 16"x20" 2015Of Platonic Love (and Other Afflictions of the Heart) is a contemplation on the nature of love and an homage to Leonardo da Vinci, whose famous illustrations of Platonic solids adorn the book De Divina Proportione, a mathematics text written by his friend and a mathematician Luca Paciolo. It consists of 5 oil paintings on wood made between 2015 and 2017.