Alyssa Ney, "A Primer on Emergence"Projections (ongoing) is a series of paintings aiming to give visual representation to academic talks, mostly on the topics of physics and philosophy of physics. In a way, each Projection is a field report of my experience of a talk, which itself is a multidimensional beast existing in a space that exceeds the four-dimensional confines of a conference room. The talk is diffracted by my own sensibilities and projected onto the paper in real time.



"Restruktura 4" Ink on Paper 4.5"x6" 2017


Restruktura (ongoing) is an exercise in restructuring of the inner landscape.



"Nous" Oil on Wood 16"x20" 2015Of Platonic Love (and Other Afflictions of the Heart) (2015-2017) is a contemplation on the nature of love and an homage to Leonardo da Vinci, whose famous illustrations of Platonic solids adorn the book De Divina Proportione, a mathematics text written by his friend and a mathematician Luca Paciolo. It consists of 5 oil paintings on wood made between 2015 and 2017.